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LACMA: Clifford Still

I spent 12 hours in Los Angeles this weekend and made a pit stop at LACMA to visit some of my favorite paintings. The contemporary art exhibition space at the museum is very dimly lit, creating an environment that is very different from your typical “white wall” contemporary art museum. Aside from the dramatic effect, this method of display creates a intimate spaceΒ where each piece seems to have its own unique magnetism.

One of my favorites, which certainly has this affect, is Clyfford Still’s PH-143 (1955-H).Β  I matched the piece with this beautiful Tomas Maier dress, which seems to perfectly mimic the palette and the brush strokes in the painting.

A big thank you to Je’Jae Daniels (Mx. Enigma), who so kindly helped a stranger out and took this amazing image for me!