The Broad: Takashi Murakami

I have a matching “wish list” that I keep in the back of my head while searching for outfits.  Usually these pieces are personal favorites or they are really difficult to match. Sometimes while searching for a specific piece, I’ll come across an outfit that matches one of these “wish list” pieces and when that happens, it’s pure elation!

A perfect example of a wish list piece is Takashi Murakami’s “Hustle’n’Punch by Kaikai and Kiki” at The Broad. I have searched for a dress to match this piece for far longer than I care to admit! The piece is bright, fun, very pink, and visually quite dizzying in the best way possible. Over the course of several months, I came across about three or four dresses that would have matched just fine and I’m sure everyone would have liked them! However, because I love this piece so much, it was really important for me to find the best match possible and I found it while looking at Temperley London’s latest collection. The dress is a work of art in of itself – the embroidery is beautifully articulated and the palette is uber feminine. If I could pick a “dream” collaboration with one brand, it would be with Temperley. The silhouettes are so unique and flattering!!

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