Meta To Match

Sometimes you just have to make fun of yourself – and that’s what I had in mind for my April Fools post this year!

The Philadelphia Museum of Art  invited me to participate in their #DuchampScandal, which was a social media hoax celebrating the 100th anniversary of Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain.” He created the work by turning a porcelain urinal on its side and signing it “R. Mutt, 1917.” The piece forever changed the course of modern art and the museum asked several Instagrammers to pay homage to Duchamp on the occasion.

I thought it would be silly to create an image of myself #dressedtomatch a “sculpture” of myself. Logically this “match” was really fun to do because it required me to use my Photoshop skills to piece two images together and to enlarge the sculpture version of myself. I had so much fun creating the image and giving my followers a good laugh!

Here are details of my outfits in both:

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