West Hollywood: Retna

This weekend I made a trip to Los Angeles to shoot several matches with my best friend, Katrina. It was really difficult for me to choose which murals I specifically wanted to do because the options are essentially limitless. However, with the challenge of finding / planning the matches in advance plus time constraints during the trip, I forced myself to settle on four.

RETNA // 8826 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood

My top priority was to find a match for RETNA’s mural which is at Craig’s in West Hollywood. The mural isn’t huge but is incredibly striking for the distinct script that RETNA is known for. Back in December 2016, I really wanted to find a match for his mural in Wynwood, but unfortunately by the time I got to Miami for Art Basel, the mural had been painted over. Remember last time that happened to me? Definitely wasn’t going to allow for that to happen again! Anyway, it took me several weeks to find a match for the mural due to the highly unique script, which is derived from Blackletter, Hieroglyphics, Arabic and Hebrew calligraphy. I happened upon a Milly dress that kind of emulated a similar patterning and the obviously the black and white palette was the cherry on top.

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