SMF916: Irubiel Moreno

I finally(!) found a dress to match Irubiel Moreno’s beautiful floral mural on the side of Face’s Night Club on 20th and K Streets in Sacramento. I absolutely LOVE our city’s new murals. They bring life to areas of blight or bore and further express our city’s rich artistic culture. Irubiel’s piece is inherently feminine with its warm pastel palette and delicate florals. The piece softens the austerity of an otherwise bland wall and brings even more life to an area in Midtown called Lavender Heights that is known for its revelry!

I’m wearing a floral dress by Cooper St. that is strikingly similar to Moreno’s beautifully articulated piece. The black outlines give definition to the leaves and petals in both the dress and the mural and similarities between both really help me blend right in!

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