It seems like there is a day dedicated to everything and today I found out that January 18th’s is a day I happen to know a lot about: the museum selfie!

Coincidentally, I had already planned to visit the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento this morning to do a match, so it seemed pretty fitting that I should take a selfie while I was at it! Typically I’ll have a friend, my co-worker Eric, or my sister, Natalie, take my pictures for the blog so attempting to get the right angle was kind of hilarious. Now I really know what selfie sticks are for! Luckily Eric captured me at the right moment and we basically got two in one – a match and a “selfie” at the same time!

I’ve been a fan of Hemant and Nandita since I first tried on one of their silk dresses at Anthroplogie about two years ago. I’ve done a few matches with their clothing (one from a long time ago and this one paired with Add Fuel’s piece via the  Sacramento Mural Festival) and what I adore about their clothing is how unique each piece is! Oftentimes the dresses come with some sort of embellishment – like tassels, beautiful buttons, embroidery, and other beading, for example – and the fit is great, too. Here are some of my favorite dresses right now:



This dress is a fun match with Julie Heffernan’s painting, Moving Out, from 2010. The piece is part of the permanent collection of the museum and my first thought when looking at it is of a painting called The Garden Of Earthy Delights by Hieronymus Bosch, a Dutch painter in the 1500’s. Obviously the palette is similar and perhaps there are far less figures in Heffernan’s painting, but the chaotic energy is identifiably similar.

Heffernan’s painting is described by the museum as such:

Heffernan creates visual stories full of twists, turns, and psychological tension. Often there is a keen sense of chaos. In this painting, many things appear off-kilter, especially for the two figures that lumber across a rickety bridge. Behind them trails a massive net in which is gathered the weight of the world – a load of straining, spilling, and toppling out of human control. Heightening the tenor of urgency is the buzzard surveying the scene.”


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