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One thing I’ve discovered in the past year is that Instagram knows no bounds and its power to connect people is astonishing! Between my original matches, I like to regram content I find on other people’s pages and it was during this search for something unique, creative, fun, and “matchy” that I came across Atou Design.



It’s easy to see why I immediately fell in love with Atou’s illustrations. I loved the idea that her work is essentially dressed to match “in reverse” – meaning, she creates the art based on the fashion! Her illustrated girls have spunk, confidence, and style; and in my option, they really steal the show from their model counterparts!



Atou and I connected a few months ago and we thought it would be fun to create what I think is best described as a double dressed to match! She has such a great eye for composition and I especially appreciate her ability to infuse life and personality into her illustrations. I marvel at the amount of detail she replicates in each piece, down to every color, texture, and pattern.



Here’s a bit more about Atou:

Atou is a designer and illustrator based in Taipei, Taiwan who has always had a passion for design and painting. During a family trip to Okinawa at the age of four, shepicked out a pink Little Twin Stars sewing machine, which would inspire Atou to teach herself pattern-making and sewing. With time she learned to make dolls and clothing, so it was only natural for her to become a designer!

Atou has her fashion degree from Shih Chien University in Taiwan. After years of work experience, she went to the UK to pursue her Master’s degree in Design Management at Birmingham City University. Atom’s stay in the UK broadened her horizons and taught her to trust her instincts. She has worked in the fashion industry in Taipei, Shanghai, and Billund and her professional career has developed from being a fashion designer, fashion editor, to recently an illustrator.

When Atou started her Instagram page at the ned of 2014, she started by showcasing her daily doodles. She says, “It is amazing how the social network brings people with the same taste together. I have met so many talented people here and have had chances to collaborate with esteemed fashion houses such as Mira Mikati, Celia Kritharioti, etc. I feel most satisfied focusing on my creating process and it would be great to have people love my design and appreciate my work.”


My purpose in starting this “passion project” was to express my creativity in a fun and unique way. Over a year later I feel like I am continuing to do this and much, much more. The ability to connect with other creatives to produce visually interesting images is incredibly rewarding. Thank you for the opportunity, Atou!

See more of Atou’s work here:  Instagram   Facebook  Website  Etsy Shop

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