#artlife with David Garibaldi

Sacramento artist David Garibaldi just released with a new clothing line that is being sold locally at Good Stock Boutique. The collection debuted this morning with a live painting event, which is the hallmark of Garibaldi’s artistic process.

I’ve been wanting to collaborate with David for awhile now – especially since he’s local! This was the perfect opportunity for a Garibaldi #dressedtomatch and I really appreciated the invitation to the event. Known for his lively painting techniques, David’s work is filled with movement. The process is just as much a part of the art as the art itself. Some might liken his style to “action painting” (think Jackson Pollock) which is centered around the idea that the painting itself is the product of various movements and gestures. Unlike certain stylistic conventions like hyperrealism, for example, which are almost devoid of the artist’s process, these active pieces revel in the idea that blood, sweat, and tears went into their creation. Hopefully no blood or tears, though!

Another aspect that separates Garibaldi’s work from conventional painting practices is the fact that there is an audience. This inherently makes his artistic process a performance in many ways (even more so with the addition of music) and is ultimately how he has attracted an international following. The opportunity to witness the creation of painting from start to finish is an incredibly unique experience as viewers typically only interact with the result of the artist’s work. So one can imagine the sheer delight and entertainment value of seeing a blank canvas turn into a “finished” piece of art!

Though we were not told what the subject of David’s piece would be, his direction became very clear within a few minutes of painting. His work is heavily layered, applied mostly color by color for efficiency. For the viewer, David’s process is an excellent representation of the most important formal elements within a painting. He starts by sketching a rough outline of the image, builds form by filling in areas of color, defines form through the addition of highlights, and utilizes negative space, or the blank black canvas, to evoke shadows and overall depth. This highly streamlined process is a testament to David’s skill as a painter. Without having an understanding of painting fundamentals, it would be extremely difficult for him to achieve such complexities, dynamism, and effortlessness within his work in such a short period of time. I would approximate that this piece took about 15-20  minutes to complete from start to finish.

Thanks again for the opportunity, David!


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