Wynwood Walls

I recently went to Miami for the first time to check out Art Basel, which takes place the first weekend of December. Prior to my visit I knew I wanted to do some matches while there, but not knowing what each gallery would bring make it incredibly difficult to plan. Luckily there is an area of Miami calledΒ WynwoodΒ which is essentially exploding with all things art.

After browsing only a few of the many amazing murals that can be found at Wynwood, I decided I really wanted to match Maya Hayuk’s colorful piece since it has popped up in my Instagram feed several times and has become almost a billboard for the area in general. Maya’s work is striking not only for it’s bright, technicolor palette, but also for the captivating patterning she achieves through the almost woven bands of color. Despite being painted only two years ago, the mural stands out an a now iconic piece in an area that almost overwhelms with its murals aplenty.

I chose this fun Mara Hoffman dress that is seems to embody a similar spirit to Maya’s work. The dress is rather billowy, which makes it especially fun to twirl around in and the color really mimics the intensity of her pigments.

If you have the chance to go to Miami, I would definitely recommend visiting Wynwood! The experience is unlike any other.



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