SMF916 – David Fiveash

Let me start by saying that this post should be titled: The Case Of The Missing Mural.  I’ve been having fun touring the many locations of Sacramento’s newest murals in progress through a week-long effort called The Sacramento Mural Festival. I had a great time checking several of them out in their various stages of progression, in some cases meeting the artists, and overall I loved seeing how the art was really starting to change the overall urban “landscape” of each area in Midtown / Downtown Sacramento.

One mural that instantly caught my eye was David Fiveash’s floral piece located on R Street. I mean, wow. The piece is beautiful and feminine with its bright palette, patterned background, and floral subject matter… an ideal dressed to match, if you ask me!

A few weeks after the piece was completed, I finally drove over to shoot my match and upon arrival I was met with a large, blank, boring corrugated metal wall. Talk about anti-climatic. I’m wearing the perfect Ted Baker dress, that literally matches so well it’s ridiculous and nada. What a letdown! I later learned that the mural had to be painted over because it was starting to flake off the metal surface. Apparently it’s supposed to be repainted in another location, which I really hope is the case because Fiveash’s work deserves a public presence!

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