I just got these new Soludos espadrilles and really wanted to find a piece that they match with in the gallery. The stripe is a really pretty, light cornflower blue color and the shoes are super comfy!

So as I searched around the gallery – on the walls, in our store room and just about everywhere else – the ONE piece these cute shoes match is an oversized raku ceramic Viagra pill sculpture by Karen Shapiro. Yep, that pretty blue I describe above is basically the exact same hue as “the little blue pill.” Never thought I’d say I’m dressed to match Viagra, but whatever!

Hopefully I haven’t offended anyone with this, but I’m glad I could finally showcase one of Karen’s ceramics in a match! This particular piece is from her Pharma series; we have a giant Prozac and a giant Adderall pill too! In the past we’ve had my personal favorite, which is a giant “Fukidol.” Ha!


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