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September 2016


I just got these new Soludos espadrilles and really wanted to find a piece that they match with in the gallery. The stripe is a really pretty, light cornflower blue color and the shoes are super comfy!

So as I searched around the gallery – on the walls, in our store room and just about everywhere else – the ONE piece these cute shoes match is an oversized raku ceramic Viagra pill sculpture by Karen Shapiro. Yep, that pretty blue I describe above is basically the exact same hue as “the little blue pill.” Never thought I’d say I’m dressed to match Viagra, but whatever!

Hopefully I haven’t offended anyone with this, but I’m glad I could finally showcase one of Karen’s ceramics in a match! This particular piece is from her Pharma series; we have a giant Prozac and a giant Adderall pill too! In the past we’ve had my personal favorite, which is a giant “Fukidol.” Ha!


SFMOMA: Ellsworth Kelly

I was really impressed with the number of Ellsworth Kelly paintings in The Fisher Collection at SFMOMA. His large-scale canvases are stark, yet dynamic in their contrasting fields of color, or lack thereof in the case of this match. What I love most, though, about Kelly’s work are his innovative and unique shaped canvases. While this particular piece, Black Triangle With White from 1976 still resembles the typical square or rectangular canvas, the fact that the shapes are joined makes the piece unlike the “typical” 2-D painting.

These angles join to form an asymmetrical shape that is further defined by the black right angle that seems to rest atop a long rectangle. The pieces really remind me of Tangrams and I paired the painting with this fun color blocked Diane Von Furstenberg dress.