SFMOMA: Alexander Calder

I have always been interested in Alexander Calder’s work and with the amount of his pieces on display at SFMOMA, I wanted to make sure I did a match!

Known as the originator of the mobile, his work is a literal balancing act as each component is carefully positioned as to create an overall sense of balance, equilibria, movement, and visual interest. These suspended shapes move with air currents (such as the piece I matched) or with touch, yet do so in a way that maintains balance and composure.

This particular sculpture, called Big Crinkly from 1969 is positioned outside on floor 3 as part of Alexander Calder: Motion Lab. I chose to match the piece with a Vince Camuto dress that mimics the colors of the sculpture – blue, black, red and white – which are typically used in his work. My Via Spiga sandals are old but I found them on sale at Nordstrom Rack at the link below, check it out!

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