SFMOMA: Top Of The Line

My second match at the newly renovated SFMOMA is with a digital print by Gerhard Richter, which is part of The Fisher Collection. The piece is comprised of hundreds of intensely colored horizontal stripes, and the experience of this piece is almost dizzying as without a focal point, the viewer’s gaze cannot seem to rest! While examining this piece I found that my eyes traveled horizontally across the canvas from left to right and then from top to bottom in an attempt to register each variation between the tiny bands of color. Such scrutiny, though, required me to look away several times, as I might have otherwise been drawn into hypnotic state!

When I saw this Pre-Fall dress from Missoni online I immediately thought of this specific collection of work with Richter’s oeuvre. I wasn’t entirely sure how well the palette would match up but it seems that they reflect one another with contrasting warm yellow / pink tones against sections of cool blues/ greens. I love the idea of “blending in” with the art and I think the aesthetic of both creatives entities aligns so well. There is a certain satisfaction in bring two separate entities together when seems so obvious that they were meant to coexist!


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