Rainbow Bright

I originally got this Mara Hoffman dress for a match I wanted to shoot during my 12 hour trip to Los Angeles that I previously wrote about… but I ran out of time! Luckily we have this wildly psychedelic painting at the gallery that couldn’t be more of a perfect match with my rainbow number. Bonus!! The dress is now on sale!

Gary Pruner is a local Sacramento artist who taught at American River College for most of his career. His work can be characterized by the use of a very bold and vibrant palette, gestural and almost “poetic” brushstrokes, and an overall pop-surrealist theme, all of which showcase a surprising mishmash of seemingly unrelated subjects. Baby chicks and fruity pebbles, anyone?

The piece I “matched” with is probably my all-time favorite Pruner painting. It’s called A-Lure and really packs a punch. Between the floating pretzels in the background and the sexy / assertive stance of a camouflaged figure wearing a pair of red hot boots, there’s a lot to be discovered in this piece. The combination of colors reminds me of Lisa Frank and the patterning and repetition of shape and form create a strange sensuousness! Things are really getting kind of wild over here!



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