A Match That Is To Dye For!

This has been such an exciting month at the gallery. We’re featuring Micah Crandall-Bear’s new work in a one-man show called Telluric, which includes abstracted landscapes. Defined by varying levels of intensity, Micah’s palette reflects the emotive possibilities of the color spectrum. Many of the featured paintings show restraint through soft palettes and calm compositions, while others revel in bold, impactful hues, which seem to reverberate through the depth of the canvas.

As you’ve seen, I already did a match with the hot, saturated piece called Indio (seen here) so I figured I needed to head into the opposite end of the spectrum with this desaturated ombre match. The featured painting is called Karadeniz, which means “Black Sea” in Turkish. I love the stark contrast between the dark black portion of the painting and the light, cloud-filled sky. Together the opposing forces create a sense of tension, which is evened out by the strong, flat horizon line.

I paired this piece with this elegant Halston Heritage dress, which utilizes the ombre / dip-dye effect at the bottom. The dress is easy to wear and can be styled a few different ways. In this image I’m wearing it with the sleeves below my arms, but it can also be worn with the the sleeves over the arms, revealing  the shoulders through peek-a-boo cut outs. The built in belt finishes off the dress and creates shape! Check out the look below:

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