My Wavy Hair Routine

I’ve had a lot of questions about my wavy hair routine lately so I thought I would do a little tutorial. If you have a bit of an existing natural wave in your hair this should be really easy. If your hair is stick straight, we can make it happen with a little extra effort.

If you have some natural wave:

The first step is to not comb your hair after your shower. I usually just run a comb through my hair while I have my conditioner in so that once I get out, I’m not left with super tangled hair! If you have the time, let it air dry. If you don’t have time, just lightly blow dry and try not to separate the sections of hair. You can lightly scrunch your hair as you’re blow drying to keep any natural wave from flattening out. I prefer the air dry method and have found that if I can put it up in a towel turban for awhile, typically the drying process is really fast once I take it off.

At this point your hair should be dry and if it’s messy, that’s not a problem! Start by spraying the surf spray through your hair. You’ll want to mist it over your hair, applying straight on and from the bottom so that the ends are covered. This application is really inexact but make sure you aren’t drenching your hair in the product because it will become sticky rather than soft.

From there you’ll use the Oribe Dry Texturizing spray. I typically part my hair 2/3 up on each side of my head and lightly spray the roots to lift the hair. I will then do this on the back of my hair to give a little more ooomph. To finish, I spray the left and right front bottom portions of my hair to add a little more volume to the waves.

If you feel like some of the “clumps” are awkwardly straight in areas, just use a curling iron to get them looking like the rest of your hair. I would use a wand or just the barrel of the iron to create a wave rather than your typical ringlet curl.

If your hair is straight without a lot of wave:

Using a wand or the barrel of a 1.5 inch iron, create waves through out your hair. They don’t have to be perfect! From there apply the surf spray as mentioned above, careful not to use too much. Once the hair is covered in the product, the waves should stay separated and from there you can add the texturizing spray.

I’ll add pictures with directions soon so it isn’t so ambiguous! πŸ™‚

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