Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot!

It’s 100+ degrees in Sacramento right now, so all I’m thinking about is easy to wear dresses. Today’s match was unplanned, but I’m loving this tomato red / orange dress from ASOS that is under $50! TheΒ Tory Burch sandals I’m wearing are old, but the ones below are super cute, on sale, and will do the trick! I love this color combo and when I got to work, I realized I’m not the only one who loves it!

I paired my outfit with one of my favorite pieces by John Karl Claes that also utilizes the red/orange and gold combo. The piece has a hot gradation of deep red to bright orange at the horizon, where it joins the land, which is painted from John’s trademark aerial perspective. I also love the gold leaf floater that it’s framed in – it’s contemporary while still reminiscent of the thick, gaudy gold frames that are traditionally found on impressionist landscapes.


John Karl Claes "Deep Red Evening" Oil on panel 10 X 10

John Karl Claes
“Deep Red Evening”
Oil on panel
10 X 10

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