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March 2016

The Match Maker

When it comes to match making – outfits with art, that is – inspiration is a two way street. Sometimes the dress comes first, and sometimes it’s the painting. Either way, my favorite part about making “matches” is the challenge of combining art and fashion; two separate, but very closely related entities; into a single force.

I was recently contacted by Sacramento Magazine to do a little interview about Dressed To Match, and for the past week, I’ve been prepping for the photoshoot that will accompany the blurb. I have to say, this is the first time I’ve ever felt any real kind of pressure to create a match. This time around, it started with a dress: this gorgeous Kate Spade dress, to be exact!

First of the all, the palette combines every color of spring imaginable and the a-line shape with the tie creates a really flattering look (whether you have hips or not!). Even though I was stressing about creating the “perfect” match, it was important for me to wear something that reflects my personality, too. The dress is colorful and bright, but tailored and refined. I felt super comfortable in it – even in front of the camera! – and I’m really excited for the piece to come out in the magazine’s April 2016 issue. A huge thanks to Mari Tzikas for the opportunity and support. Check back to see the feature and what I paired this incredible dress with!


So Sneaky!

I’m gearing up to hang a new show at the gallery that will feature abstracted landscape paintings by artist Timothy Mulligan. The show consists of 30 new paintings inspired by our local landscape and infrastructure. Views of the Bay Area, Sacramento Delta / American River and Tahoe are painted using expressive brushwork in a style built upon large, abstracted planes of bright color. Timothy’s pieces offer further visual dynamism through angular compositions, some with clearly defined horizons and vantage points, as seen in his piece above, called “Rice Fields, Yuba County.”

While many of my matches are planned, this one was off the cuff! I just got these amazingly comfortable Lanvin sneakers for my upcoming trip to Paris and thought I should break them in first at the gallery. They were worth every hard earned penny – super comfy and really cute!