We’re All In It Together

Happy Easter everyone! I spent the day with family and then headed over to one of my favorite new-ish murals in Sacramento on the Bloodsource building at 16th and Q. The piece was painted by two incredibly talented women, Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Christophel, who make up LC Studio Tutto. Using a beautiful pastel palette, the artists created several converging “rays” of color, which are contrasted with an overlaying white patterning that enlivens piece with a certain quirky zest. The overall message, “We’re All In It Together” is painted a fun free-hand script and you really can’t help but smile when you read it.

The project is described as “…inspired by the BloodSource commitment to sharing life. The design that we created captures Sacramento in color, spirit, and through the abstracted line drawing based on the geography of the midtown area, that lays over the top of the colorful graphic shapes. We were inspired by the idea of our unspoken connection as a community and the goal of sweetly reminding people to take care of one another. It’s modern, playful, with a deep message of connection and love.”

This match seemed perfectly fitting for Easter. Obviously the palette is as fresh as it gets and I’ve been dying to wear this appropriately “Spring-y” dress by Karen Millen. The dress is made of a really comfy knit sweater material that hugs you in all the right places. The length is a few inches above the knee and is fun and flirty, while still being sophisticated.

In support of Sofia and Hennessy and the great message behind this mural, I am so excited to share my match with you guys – I hope you love it!


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