Rainy Days Bring The Blues

I visited Megan Donnelly’s studio in Sausalito a few months ago and was totally in awe of her beautiful abstractions. Compositionally they so subtle and well-balanced that they appear effortless. But, this ease should not be mistaken for a lack of complexity. The best artists, in my opinion, are able to create deceptively “simple” looking pieces. The confidence to make such purposeful marks is the product of practice, trial and effort, and experience.

The overal geometry and simplicity of this Vince Camuto high/low is what initially attracted me to the dress – and now that I think of it, I love it for the same reasons I love Megan’s work. Super easy to wear, dress up or dress down, and overall it’s a dress that would literally be flattering on any body type! I got mine at Nordstrom here.


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