Art Hotel



Right now our local art community is a buzz over Art Hotel, a temporary art space that occupies an abandoned apartment building at 7th and L Streets in Sacramento, CA. I was lucky enough to make a morning of viewing the space with my gal pal, The Lipstick Giraffe, who also kindly took my picture. Of course I had to at least attempt to match something!

The project’s website describes it this: “Throughout the month of January, two months before its scheduled demise, 30 artists from around the world will transform the building, and its 14 rooms, kitchens, hallways and restrooms into an immersive, temporary, multi-discipline art exhibit.”

Some of my favorite contributing artists included Shaun BurnerJose Di Gregorio, Gioia Fonda, Annakatrin Kraus, Franceska Gomez and Navid DehghanDue to time limitations it was difficult to spend time looking at everything, but collectively the project was incredibly successful, as it accomplished its mission: To bring artists together. To inspire others to do the same.

The last day to view Art Hotel is February 13th – better get there fast because the lines are long and the clock is ticking!





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