This is my first match with a piece of public art! I’ve had my eye on this mural by Sacramento artist, BAMR, for awhile now. It’s located at 1018 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 and honestly, it’s the best thing that has happened to that block of J Street in at least the past 10 years. Compositionally the piece draws you in, the palette is bright, cheerful, and vivid – especially when contrasted with the building’s surrounding brick facade. This dress by Charlie Jade is the perfect match; the overall patterning emulates BAMR’s use of the continuous line while creating visual interest through juxtaposed geometric motifs. Plus, for the first time in several months, it felt like 85 degrees outside, so a maxi dress in February was totally appropriate!

FYI the dress is 40% off at Nordstrom right now!

Here’s a little bit of information I found about the mural on Our Promise’s website:

Designed specifically for Our Promise, this mural embodies the spirit of  generosity by the state workers of California.There is one hand representing the whole body of  donors, both past and present. While it honors all who contributed in the past, it encourages future donors to realize the struggles of communities and reach out in their time of need.

The hand is placing a golden square which represents a donation of the  individual into the larger part of the blue square  which symbolizes Our   Promise of  prosperity, positivity and change. Each of the golden squares in the trail of the hand represents another donation to be given.

This mural is a reminder to those who have participated, to recognize all  of  the efforts of all who have contributed and to encourage everyone who will be able to be a part of Our Promise in the future.

To read more about BAMR and his amazing work, head to his website!

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