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October 2015

The “Swing Dress”



Pastel Landscape


Blues & Neutrals


Loving Lilac

This Self-Portrait dress is ultra feminine and that’s why I love it! The lace is heavy and gives structure to the perfectly shaped A line that cascades from the waist. I paired this one with Jeanne Vadeboncoeur’s PB&J painting for several reasons. The most obvious reason is the palette. The second reason is for the kind of hilarious undertone it brings to the surface – fancy, proper, ladylike dress paired with a very basic sandwich most often found in brown paper lunch bags. So random and so fun all at once. In my opinion, you can wear something pretty and eat whatever the heck you want!


Into The Blue

This is quite possibly my favorite dress, ever. The embroidery reminds me of French lace – it’s elegant and delicate. The various hues of blue are stunning against the pale nude and I love the symmetry of the pattern.

While Christopher Stott’s work would be described using completely different adjectives, this particular piece, Blue, is undoubtedly stunning. Chris’ clean, simple, and straight-forward compositions are easy on the eyes and make his paintings relatable to art aficionados and novices alike. What I love most about this match is the idea that both the dress and the objects featured in the painting have a vintage quality that is presented in a very modern way.