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September 2015

Thinkin’ Pink

This is another dress I already had in my closet. I remember when I first saw it I was immediately attracted to the vivid magenta, the semi-burnt out look and it’s scalloped hemline. The dress is feminine with it’s fit and flare cut and it’s just plain pretty!

The Samantha Buller nail polish painting is one of my favorites. I don’t think I have a more feminine piece in the entire gallery, so when I came across the painting the other day in our storeroom I was totally inspired to wear my Moulinette Soeurs dress for one last wear of the Summer season!

How do you go about your shopping? Are you attracted to color first or do you look for shape and fit first?



Easy Breezy


Birds Of A Feather…

You know the saying! It’s been six days since I “officially” started Dressed To Match and it has been so much fun connecting with the amazingly creative people of Instagram. There are so many realms that fascinate me – fine arts, fashion, lifestyle, and graphic design, to name a few – and there is no shortage of inspiration. So far it seems like the Instagram community is one defined by positivity, thinking outside the box, and a fine eye for aesthetics.

This was a pretty literal pairing on my part but how many times do you come across a feather blouse, for goodness sake? I had to have it. We’re currently having a show featuring still life paintings and this particular feather piece by Sarah Fagan is so simple yet symbolic. The feather is made to be functional: it provides warmth (to birds and humans – I’m a HUGE fan of my jackets from The North Face!), contributes to a bird’s ability to fly, and was at one point a commonplace writing tool. So, as it stands, the quill itself is somewhat of a relic, and painting itself seems to kind of memorialize it’s use. I think that’s why I fell in love with the shirt – it does the opposite by modernizing the feather into a really wonderfully graphic pattern.



The Tugboat

This pairing makes me laugh. It’s one of those things that makes no sense at all but just works!

I really love the fact that the pattern on this J.Crew dress was inspired by a silk scarf. It’s ornate without being over the top and the palette is simple yet complimentary. You can’t tell but the blue, white, and black is actually offset by a hint of reddish-orange, which is so unexpected.

Gilbert Amavisca is a veteran painter around our gallery. We’ve shown his work for years, and while much of his work would be classified as a contemporary version of Impressionism, I love the fact that small portions of his canvases utilize fine detail to describe space. There’s kind of a ‘push-and-pull’ effect going on – broad expanses of color with finely detailed nuances.

Overall, I just love how these two work together – the dress makes you think about how “pretty” or “beautiful” the tug boat painting is (crazy, I know!) and the painting makes you look at the dress as an exercise in balance.

Tug boats and J.Crew, who would have thought!

Still A Child

Christina Baker is an artist I recently started showing at the gallery and I love how spontaneous her work is. This particular piece is all about the pops of pink amongst the mostly white / neutral space. While the shapes are organic, they remind me of the floral pattern found in this floral tie back top that I can’t seem to find online for the of me!