Something Blue

I’ve been a huge fan of Christina Baker’s work for a few years now but it wasn’t until a few months ago that I started showing her work. Christina’s paintings possess an effortlessness that only comes with practice, confidence, and experimentation. Her paintings are light, airy, and pleasing. SheΒ challenges set ideas of composition and balance by adding significant negative space (areas of white / neutral colors) throughout while creating areas of weight and solidity in portions of her work in which you would least expect it.

This SB by Sachin & Babi maxi dress seems to fit that description, too. The bodice is extremely structured and is rather form fitting, while the bottom flows with easy and makes that fun ‘wssssh’ sound when you move. Both have an organic quality that I really enjoy – they aren’t stuffy and they revel in simplicity. Who doesn’t love that?



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