Neutral Palette

Today’s the first day of Fall and it definitely doesn’t feel like it in Sacramento. So, I decided I’m going to transition slowly. Since I’m not ready to give up lighter colors but also at the same time I’m DYING to wear something different, I put this little combo neutral combo together. The skinny ankle jeans are from AG, they’re my favorite. I have a few other pairs that are cuffed and I think they’re probably the #1 seller as far as pants are concerned at Anthropologie. The top is a really light pretty peach / blush color and the asymmetrical hem brings a little pizazz to this otherwise super comfy plain t-shirt.

I love how Kathy McGuire’s painting complements this combo. Honestly it makes me want to head into the city with this outfit on! Kathy essentially builds her cityscapes with geometric blocks of color. They are structured without being stiff. Dark and light tones contrast one another to create space and pops of bright color give energy to the overall composition.


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