The Tugboat

This pairing makes me laugh. It’s one of those things that makes no sense at all but just works!

I really love the fact that the pattern on this J.Crew dress was inspired by a silk scarf. It’s ornate without being over the top and the palette is simple yet complimentary. You can’t tell but the blue, white, and black is actually offset by a hint of reddish-orange, which is so unexpected.

Gilbert Amavisca is a veteran painter around our gallery. We’ve shown his work for years, and while much of his work would be classified as a contemporary version of Impressionism, I love the fact that small portions of his canvases utilize fine detail to describe space. There’s kind of a ‘push-and-pull’ effect going on – broad expanses of color with finely detailed nuances.

Overall, I just love how these two work together – the dress makes you think about how “pretty” or “beautiful” the tug boat painting is (crazy, I know!) and the painting makes you look at the dress as an exercise in balance.

Tug boats and J.Crew, who would have thought!

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