Birds Of A Feather…

You know the saying! It’s been six days since I “officially” started Dressed To Match and it has been so much fun connecting with the amazingly creative people of Instagram. There are so many realms that fascinate me – fine arts, fashion, lifestyle, and graphic design, to name a few – and there is no shortage of inspiration. So far it seems like the Instagram community is one defined by positivity, thinking outside the box, and a fine eye for aesthetics.

This was a pretty literal pairing on my part but how many times do you come across a feather blouse, for goodness sake? I had to have it. We’re currently having a show featuring still life paintings and this particular feather piece by Sarah Fagan is so simple yet symbolic. The feather is made to be functional: it provides warmth (to birds and humans – I’m a HUGE fan of my jackets from The North Face!), contributes to a bird’s ability to fly, and was at one point a commonplace writing tool. So, as it stands, the quill itself is somewhat of a relic, and painting itself seems to kind of memorialize it’s use. I think that’s why I fell in love with the shirt – it does the opposite by modernizing the feather into a really wonderfully graphic pattern.



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