Feeling Fall

Today was the first break we’ve had in a series of several 90-100 degree days. Unfortunately it wasn’t cool enough to throw on jeans and a sweater, but it inspired me to transition in to a more typically “fall” palette.

This Cynthia Steffe dress is a beautiful pumpkin orange / poppy color. It’s actually pretty similar to the many shades of orange that recently popped up at New York Fashion Week for Spring 2016. Don’t mind the seasonal difference – I think this means orange is just an overall fun color. I love texture, too. Honestly aside from the obvious color similarities, the texture is what reminded me of the Stuart Dunkel painting I paired it with.

Stuart’s work is hyperrealistic, meaning it’s realism taken to the next level. Using fine brushes he is able to achieve plausible differentiation of texture – for instance the mouse is seemingly covered with fine, soft fur, while the orange he munches on appears juicy. Layered tones contribute to a sense of depth within the piece and of course his mastery of light is the finishing touch.

I’m looking forward to cooler days and how the weather influences my matches!


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