50 Shades Of White

There’s really nothing better than a nicely tailored, crisp, white… dress! Banana Republic really outdid themselves with this silhouette. The a-symmetrical hemline is sexy without being over the top. I love that the seams in the bust form a V shape, which help reinforce the overall geometric feel while adding a subtle patterning. This dress is aptly named the “Envelope Sheath Dress” and honestly I didn’t even know that until looking it up after I paired it with Sarah Fagan’s painting.

Let me just start by saying that I rarely get monochromatic paintings in. They’re difficult to execute as tonal variations are limited, subject wise there isn’t a lot of room to explore, and they typically tend to be abstracted or in some way paired down. These are not bad qualities, I think they just contribute to the challenge. When I got this particular painting in, I was really drawn to the composition, the lack of “color” and the seemingly incongruous combination of items. The thing is, the painting is really well-balanced: the prevalence of the vertical line helps unite the items while defining them. I could go on for days, but I find this particular piece to be supremely well-executed.

I just love how the dress and the painting work together to bolster the attributes that I love about both of them. The prevalence of geometry, the unique composition, and a well-defined (tailored) use of space.

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